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Ohio packages consist of 6 days of hunting with pre-scouted, pre-hung stands and ground blinds with 1 guide for every 3 hunters. Meals, lodging and deer retrieval included. Taxidermy and meat processing can be arranged at the client’s cost.

You will arrive in camp on the day your scheduled at noon, get moved into your room, have a camp meeting, grab a bit to eat and prepare for an evening hunt. You will then hunt 5 full days and half a day the last day of your hunt. Breakfast is served continental style which includes cold cereal, oatmeal, bagels, muffins, fruit, juice and coffee prior to your hunt, a bag lunch is provided to all hunters hunting all day which is strongly recommended during the rut or soup is available at the lodge for those choosing not to hunt all day. After all hunters arrive back at camp each evening a family style dinner will be served.

Once you are hunting your guide will take you to your stand (our stands average 17 – 19 feet) or blind based on wind direction, our scouting and trail camera activity. We have multiple stands and/or blind locations for every hunter in camp so we can be flexible for different wind directions. Wind direction is very important, but just as important is for every hunter to be as scent free as possible, we strongly recommend scent reducing clothing along with the use of scent reducing sprays and soaps. Seventy-five percent of our hunts occur during the rut so deer movement can be very unpredictable, also in the fall the wind can be very erratic. We make every effort to play the wind, but being clean and wearing scent reducing clothing can help you a great deal to be successful.

If successful on your hunt your guide will track, field dress and remove your harvest from the field. We will hang, skin and quarter your deer or cape your trophy deer if desired. 

Also for your convenience a washer and dryer are available.  Scent free laundry detergent ONLY​, hunter must supply this.

Scent control tips:



1)     Shower with scent eliminating soaps prior to each hunt also use scent free deodorant.

2)     Change into your hunting clothes at the vehicle when going to your stand, not in camp. At the very minimum your outer layer and your boots should not be worn in camp or in a vehicle.

3)     All clothing to be worn in the field should be cleaned using scent eliminating products and stored in a manner that keeps them as scent free as possible.

4)     Once in your stand you should keep yourself and the hunting area as clean as possible by using sprays periodically and keep your bodily functions contained to a bottle. We strongly discourage the use of tobacco products while hunting, ie. Smoking and chewing

5)     We here at Triple “B” Outfitters are trying to give you the best opportunity to harvest a mature Ohio whitetail with these few tips we think your chances will be greatly improved.




***All non-residents are required to buy a hunting license at the price of $125.00 and the appropriate deer tags at the cost of $24.00. All licenses and tags are available over the counter or via the internet at***

Turkey Hunting upon request

Turkey hunting packages can be arranged per request.

Guided or unguided

*3 day minimum*

Turkey dates normally begin the last Monday in April and continue for 4 weeks.


$500.00 to secure dates

Half is due by March 1st , Balance is due September 1st

Airport Pickup INFORMATION

We can provide pickup and delivery to Columbus, Ohio airport for you and your party.

$175.00 round trip


Cancellation Policy there will be no refunds after June 1st of the year you are booked.

You will have the option to apply the deposit to a future hunt at my discretion. Refunds before June 1st

will be issued once your hunt is sold.