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We are all hard core bow hunters who can’t get enough of chasing big whitetail bucks through out the Mid-West. With the vast years of experience chasing Mid-western Pope and Young bucks myself and my staff will do everything we can to make your dreams become reality.



The location you will be hunting is Muskingum and Coshocton Counties in South Central Ohio. With a perfect mix of timber and agriculture these deer have everything to eat and a lot of cover to reach maturity.



   In an attempt to let our young bucks grow to maturity we keep pressure to a minimum on all of our properties by only hunting the 4 weeks of the rut and offering very limited gun hunting. Our combined efforts of allowing our bucks to grow to maturity, actively establishing food plots and mineral stations and harvesting as many does as we can our deer have everything they need; age, food, minerals, cover and a balanced herd.

  We at Triple B have a 130 minimum, our penalty is as follows: Any buck scoring between 125-130 there will be a $10.00 dollar per inch penalty, example 126 deer will cost $40.00. Any buck scoring from 115-124 will cost $20.00 per inch for every inch under 130, example 115 inch deer will cost $300.00. Any buck scoring under 115 will cost you $30.00 per inch under 130, example 110 inch buck will cost $600.00. We also offer a discount on future hunts for any hunter who harvests a doe. Doe harvest is very much encouraged, button bucks also carry a penalty of $500.00. Lastly, here at Triple “B” Outfitters, Expandable broadheads are NOT permitted.